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Taco Pump Cartridge Questions

Nov 26th 2020

Taco Pump Cartridge Questions
Is the brand new cartridge you purchased making noises when you take it out of the box? This is normal. When shaken you will hear a small rattling sound on the inside. These are small anti-corrosion pills inserted by Taco to prevent corrosion and seizing of the cartridge. Also, when shaken up and down the cartridge impeller slides back and forth a little which is also normal. This slight movement allows the impeller to adjust inside the pump. Once installed the cartr
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AquaMotion Introduces: Three Aqua-Shield™ Recirculation Kits for Single Pipe homes for use with Outdoor Installed Tankless Heater

Jun 8th 2020

In the Southern Tier of the US, Tankless Heaters are installed outdoors to save on theexpensive air intake and exhaust system. The Aqua-Shield™recirculation pump can be installed outdoors next to the tankless heater. The heater manufacturers can now use smaller enclosures without the difficult to service built-in pumps. The external Aqua-Shield™ pump is easily serviced by any installer. The Aqua-Shield Recirculation Kits for Single Pipe Homes offer a stainless pump, 10 ft. line cord, fittin
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