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MRCOOL DIY Mini-Split Air Conditioner FAQs

Sep 5th 2017

Is the MRCOOL DIY really do it yourself?Yes! The MRCOOL DIY is designed to make installation easy.Refrigerant lines are precharged. No vacuum requiredInterior mounting plate makes hanging the unit simple and easy.Communication wire is connected easily via snap lock fitting.Connection is easy. No special tools necessary.Are you sure the lines don’t need to be vacuumed and charged?Yes, we’re sure. The R-410A is already there.What size MRCOOL DIY do I need?Approximate MRCOOL DIY heating and cooling
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Filling Up for Sustainability – Bottle Fillers are Changing the Game

Sep 1st 2017

With numerous water bottle filler installations, universities, national parks, airports, hotels and cities across the country are getting smarter about addressing the problem of plastic water bottles. Every year Americans throw away some 35 million plastic water bottles, with most of them only being used once. The introduction of water bottle fillers, such as those by Haws are helping organizations, businesses and cities take simple, yet powerful, steps toward their sustainability goals. D
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Haws Drinking Fountains Maintenance Guide

Sep 1st 2017

Indoor and outdoor fixtures, including drinking fountains, are subject to the elements and should be maintained correctly. Below is a guide on how to clean and maintain the different finishes of the various Haws drinking fountains to continue providing hygienic hydration solution. Download the Maintenance Guide
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Witt Industries Clear Panel Trash Can for added Security

Jun 5th 2017

The NEW Witt Industries SEC55P-BB-FT is designed for high traffic areas where terrorism may be an issue.The Lookout Designed with safety and security in mind. Perfect for government buildings, transportation areas like airports and train stations, as well as any high traffic areas, stadiums, arenas, or anywhere where security is paramount.The clear panels allow security personal to see what is being thrown away and allows other people to keep an eye out on what is in the garbage and help b
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