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AquaMotion Introduces: Three Aqua-Shield™ Recirculation Kits for Single Pipe homes for use with Outdoor Installed Tankless Heater

Jun 8th 2020

In the Southern Tier of the US, Tankless Heaters are installed outdoors to save on theexpensive air intake and exhaust system. The Aqua-Shield™recirculation pump can be installed outdoors next to the tankless heater. The heater manufacturers can now use smaller enclosures without the difficult to service built-in pumps. The external Aqua-Shield™ pump is easily serviced by any installer. The Aqua-Shield Recirculation Kits for Single Pipe Homes offer a stainless pump, 10 ft. line cord, fittin
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Taco ECM Circulating Pumps

Posted by Jason on Aug 18th 2018

Taco ECM Pumps These pumps represent the latest innovation in electronically commutated motors (ECM circulator technology). They use a permanent magnet motor design and variable speed technology to adapt automatically to system demand. Infinitely variable speeds means optimized system performance while drawing the least amount of energy possible. REPLACING A TACO 007-F5 Taco 007e is a high-efficiency wet rotor circulator w
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Taco 006e3, SmartPlus-e and Hot-Link Plus-e Conversion Chart

Jul 31st 2018

00 Standard Models Old Model # Connection New Model # Union Fitting Set Req'd Size of Fittings Notes 003-BC4 1/2" sweat 006e3 UFS-050S 1/2" sweat 003-B4 3/4" sweat 006e3 UFS-075S 3/4" sweat 003-BC4-1IFC 1/2" sweat 006e3 UFS-050S 1/2" sweat In-line check valve required 003-BC4-IFC 3/4" sweat 006e3 UFS-075S 3/4" sweat In-line check valve required 003-ST4 3/4" NPT 006e3 UFS-075T 3
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Creating a 'Comfort Zone' for Emergency Equipment Water Temperature

Posted by Samantha Hoch on May 31st 2018

Tempered water has been a hot topic of late, but just as many installations need cooling of high-temperature supply water. By Samantha HochMay 01, 2018 Moving water transfers heat, either increasing the temperatures of the objects it contacts or decreasing them. Heat transfer, via moving water, made twentieth century man more productive and more comfortable. It sped up transportation and made a wealth of innovative products possible. But while the physical properties of heat transfer via
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