Monkey Bars Storage MBT-03040 Cross Country Ski Rack

Monkey Bars Storage MBT-03040 Cross Country Ski Rack (Holds 4 Pair)

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The Cross Country Ski Rack by Monkey Bars is perfect for families. This wall mounted ski rack holds 4 pairs of cross country skis and poles securely and makes organizing skis simple and efficient. The Cross Country Ski Rack mounts to the wall in just 15 minutes and can be mounted in a garage, shed, shop, closet, basement, or retail shop. The storage rack is made with powder coated industrial steel. The hooks snap tightly to the Monkey Bars and slide along the Monkey Bars, making it the most versatile ski rack on the market. This ski rack can be used for all sizes and styles of cross county skis. The hooks are made with a polyurethane cover to protect skis while on the ski rack.



  • Monkey Bar Storage MBT-03040 Cross Country Ski Rack (Holds 4 Pair)
  • Installs in 15 min.
  • Steel Components are powder coated
  • Holds 4 Skis/Poles
  • Hooks slide on bar for easy adjustability
  • Lifetime Warranty
IMPORTANT NOTICE: WARRANTY ACTIVATION VIA IS REQUIRED TO PUT WARRANTY IN FORCE. Read this entire Limited Warranty before using this product. By purchasing, installing, or using this product, you are acknowledging that this Limited Warranty is part of the sale terms. COVERED PRODUCTS. This Limited Warranty applies to the following Gorgeous Garage products: (1) shelves, (2) brackets, and (3) hardware (i.e. nuts, bolts, and hooks) (hereinafter referred to as the “Covered Products”). Gorgeous Garage makes the following express limited warranties for the Covered Products purchased and installed within the United States and Canada, subject to the conditions and limitations stated below. These limited warranties are the exclusive warranties for the Covered Products. Gorgeous Garage disclaims all warranties, express or implied, for other products. LIMITED WARRANTIES. 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