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AquaGuard EZ T&P – Safe Plug Relief


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EZ T&P™ – Safe Plug Relief (For Commercial/Life Safety Code Installations)

The EZ T&P Safety Valve is a one-time only use pressure relief device, and the only T&P safety device of its kind available on the market today.

•  Solid Brass Construction
•  3/4˝ Male NPT Inlet
•  3/4˝ Female NPT Outlet
•  Stainless Steel Slip Tamperproof Washer
•  10lb. Back Pressure Relief
•  CSA Certified
•  Massachusetts Board Product Approval #P1-0610-382

•  U.S. Patent# 6,698,714
•  Canada Patent# 2,437,533
•  Product Wt. 1lb. 1 oz.
•  Made in Taiwan

Using the male threads provided, install the EZ T&P directly into the female outlet threads of the Relief Valve. Tighten until snug – do not overtighten. To check proper installation, attempt to remove the EZ T&P. If by trying to remove the EZ T&P. a clicking sound is heard, and can be turned several times without removal then the EZ T&P is permanently affixed to the T&P valve. Lastly, attached the drain line to the female threads of the EZ T&P outlet, following the relief valve manufacturers drain line instructions.

If the EZ T&P is separated from the drain line then a hazardous condition has been averted and immediate hot water heater attention is required.

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