Dalvento 101 Venetian Finial - Large - 48"H x 10"W - Black Gloss


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Stately and picturesque, the Venetian features hand-hammered lines in it's spire and a smooth surfaced ball.
All cutting, forming, welding, and finishing of Dalvento finials is done by hand using time-proven old-world methods. This craftsman's touch gives each final it's one-of-a-kind look making your finial specific to you.
Each Dalvento finial comes complete with a 3/4" diameter powder coated black steel rod, making it ready for mounting into a standard roof mount, garden pole, or floor base. Every Dalvento finial contains an interior brass shaft for support and greater durability. This brass shaft allows the finial . to be placed atop it's powder-coated steel rod making it ready to display in a roof mount, garden pole, or display base.

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