ERP 4681EA2001T Washing Machine Drain Pump

SDS Supply Corp.

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4681EA2001T Washing Machine Drain Pump

The 4681EA2001T pumps the dirty, used water out of the washing machine and replaces it with fresh water during the rinse cycle. If the pump is broken or worn out, the washing machine will not drain properly. The drain pump may have to be replaced if:

  • Excess water is left over after the washing machine is used
  • Fresh water does not replace dirty water during the rinse cycle

This part can work with washers.

4681EA2001T can replace the following part numbers:

  • 2003273
  • 4681EA1007D
  • 4681EA1007G
  • 4681EA2001D
  • 4681EA2001N
  • 4681EA2001T
  • 4681EA2001U
  • AP5328388


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