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Good Directions 585H Steel Mount - 12" Length

Good Directions

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The steel mount makes it possible to mount the weathervane on an exterior or interior wall. This versatile piece of hardware can also accommodate gables, eaves, posts, deck railings and more. This mount is crafted with precision and it features a durable steel construction that ensures the security of your weathervanes in all weather conditions. The steel mount is also finished in a black powder coating. The powder coating process including the covering of the hardware with a black powder pigment. The pigment is then applied through a curing process that leads to an even and durable finish that protects the underling hardware from the effects of climate and time.

  • Good Directions 585H Steel Mount
  • Extends 12" from wall
  • Attach your Weathervane to any vertical surface
  • High Quality Steel that is built to last
  • Black powder coat finish
  • A great way to display a Weathervane on the side of your house
  • Can be used both inside and outside of a house or business
  • Built to stand strong in all types of weather
  • To be used with Standard Size Weathervanes
  • 12"L x 6"H Steel Mount


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