Ice-O-Matic 9151123-04 COIL SOL VALVE 230V


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Ice-O-Matic 9151123-04 COIL SOL VALVE 230V, Genuine OEM Replacement Part.

Fits Models:

C105, C135, C146, C185, C186, C25, C35, C45, C65, C66, CMF2306, EC1006, EC1406B2, EC1806B2, EC2106B1, EC606, EC806, ECP556, EMF1106, EMF2306, EUC206, F/MF1008, GC1206, GC305, GC306, GC555, GC655, GC656, GC756, GC806, GEM0956, GEM1306R, ICE-1406HA5, ICE-1406HR3, ICE-1406HR4, ICE0305A, ICE0305W, ICE0325, ICE0405A, ICE0405W, ICE0406A, ICE0406W, ICE0525, ICE0605A, ICE0605R, ICE0605W, ICE0606A, ICE0606R, ICE0606W, ICE0726R, ICE0805, ICE0806, ICE0806-A, ICE0926R, ICE1005, ICE1006, ICE1007, ICE1405A, ICE1405A3, ICE1405R, ICE1405R3, ICE1405W, ICE1405W3, ICE1406A, ICE1406A3, ICE1406R, ICE1406R3, ICE1406R7, ICE1406W, ICE1406W3, ICE1407A, ICE1407A3, ICE1407R, ICE1407R3, ICE1407W, ICE1407W3, ICE1506, ICE1506HR5, ICE1506HT, ICE1506R, ICE1506R2, ICE1506R3, ICE1506R4, ICE1506R5, ICE1806, ICE1806V3, ICE1807, ICE1807V3, ICE2005, ICE2006, ICE2106, ICE2106V3, ICE2107, ICE2107V3, ICEU205, ICEU206, ICEU225, ICEU226, ICEU305, MF2006, MFI1256, MFI1506R


  • Length: 1.75 in
  • Width: 1.85 in
  • Height: 1.65 in
  • Weight: 0.40 lbs
  • Hazardous: No

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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