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Solar Goes Green SGG-F156-2R Industrial Grade Solar Flood Light

Solar Goes Green

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Solar Goes Green SGG-F156-2R Industrial Grade LED Solar Flood Light - SMD (Surface Mount Diode) LEDs. SMDs last longer, are more energy efficient and 17% brighter than standard LEDs. Long life Lithium Ion battery for superior lighting cycle time. Adjustable PIR motion sensor option included. Wall mounts included to install the light head as well as the twin solar panels. Unique hinged panel design with interlocking bracket assures easy installation on the wall or ground. Use our ultra stable solar panel mount SGG-PoleMT-301 for pole mounting of the panel.
The Solar Goes Green brand of Solar Powered Flood lights are designed to achieve the perfect solution for your commercial or high demand flood light needs, blending the benefits of Green Energy efficient solar lighting with the demands of the consumer for Solar Flood Lighting, Solar Flood Motion Lighting or the added convenience of remote control operation.
The SGG-F156-2R Solar Flood light can be configured as a Dusk to Dawn Flood light, or as a Solar Powered Motion activated security flood light using the adjustable motion PIR detector. In the Flood light configuration, this light will operate from dusk to dawn. With the PIR Sensor installed in the unit, the flood light will operate when motion is detected and stay on for the selected time cycle, then automatically turns off until the next motion is detected.
The Solar Goes Green Solar Flood Light 156 LED is ideal for lighting an area approximately 30' Wide x 50' Deep. Ideal for use in illuminating signs, horse riding arenas, parking lots, and driveways, or any application where reliable Security Motion Flood light needs exist. Estimated light output is comparable to approximately 200 watts. The Lumen measurement is 780lm (6~7lm/pc). Should you desire it, an On/Off switch on light fixture for convenience is provided to override photocell. Depending on environmental issues (geographic location in US and weather temperatures) estimated night time hours of operation is 10-12 hours on a fully charged battery.
Included are wall mount brackets for the light head and twin solar panels. This installation is suited for LED Lighting for ground effect, up lighting of walls and structures. Available for solar panel installation is the SGG-PoleMT-301 which will allow for easy installation of the solar panels to a pole or flat mount surface.

NOTE: Optional pole mount for Solar Panels is available, but requires you to drill own holes on back of bracket and use your own supplied hardware for mounting.

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