SHURflo 166-257-16 Beer Pump Ace II

SHURflo 166-257-16 Beer Pump Ace II

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The Shurflo Beer Ace II Pump is a positive inlet pressure, gas operated pump. The pump is used to drive beer from the keg to the tap without over-carbonating the beer.
Pump, Beer Ace II Dispense speed can be altered without over-carbonating the beer Handles long and difficult runs Enlarged pumping chambers and long piston stroke gives desired flow rate with fewer cycles and reduced wear Smooth flow and longer pump life.


  • Unique Balanced Diaphragm Adds life to pump & Minimizes "shocking" the Beer
  • Accepts Pressurized Beverages into Pump
  • Gas driving the pump never comes into contact with the product
  • Straight through flow path prevents foaming
  • Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Total Precision of Quality Control by separating CO2 needs and Flow Control into Two Independent Operations.
  • Maintain high pressures in long runs without experiencing “flat” beer
  • Ability to improve Quality Control on current systems that are using CO2 / Air mix or where several CO2 / N2 mix ratios are required.


  • Design Twin Chamber; Dual Balanced Diaphragms
  • Power Source Dry Compressed Air, CO2 or Nitrogen
  • Operating Pressure 20 psi. (1.4 bar) to 70 psi (4.7 bar)
  • Displacement 2.5 oz. (74 cc) per cycle
  • Temperature Limits 34° - 120° F (1.1 - 49 C)

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