Shurflo 94-360-38-MBS Pump

Shurflo 94-360-38-MBS Pump

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SHURflo’s Beverage Gas Pump supplies syrup under pressure to a post-mix dispenser’s valve, which mixes the syrup with water to an exact ratio (brix). The pump is used in conjunction with non-pressurized Bag-In-Box (B-I-B) containers and a bag connector (Q.D.) fitting. The pump can be operated on regulated CO2, nitrogen or compressed filtered air. The compressed gas drives the pump and is not in contact with the syrup. Separate syrup and gas chambers prevent contamination, foaming and purging of the tubing when the B-I-B has emptied.

The pump retains pressure in the outlet line, operating only when syrup is needed. When the dispenser valve is opened, the pump reacts to the pressure drop by operating to maintain pressure in the line. When the dispenser is closed, the incoming gas and output syrup pressures equalize and the pump stops. Actual dynamic line pressure is dependant upon system losses as outlined in the section "Pumping Capability".


Beverage Gas Pumps are intended for soda syrups and low viscosity concentrates that do not contain solids. The use of a SHURflo Juice Pump (-09) is recommended for concentrates containing soft solids, classed as round, up to 0.025 in. [0.6 mm] or that are of higher viscosity than soda syrups. When concentrates contain pulp classed as long/stringy, seed particles or are exceptionally viscous, the Particulate Juice Pump (-10) should be used as it can handle soft solids up to 1/4" [6
mm] cubed. Standard gas pump models are for installations where geographic elevation is less than 5000 ft.[1523 m]. For elevations above 5000 ft. specific high altitude models with a reduced sold-out spring rate must be used to compensate for the loss in atmospheric pressure. For further application and model information please contact SHURflo.


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